Monday, March 10, 2008

Creating a healthy eating style

The best method of pushing the children to be happy choose healthy food is by provide it and restrict the choice of the unhealthy kind when eating together with the family in the house.
Here are the tips:
  1. Provide and always offer the children to drink the pure water.
  2. Always provide the fruits that is ready to be eaten in the dining table or the refrigerator. The choice could take the form of the watermelon, pineapples, melon, and pawpaws that has been cut-piece, the citrus fruit that was easy to be peeled, bananas, salak, etc. Chose your the children's pleasure.
  3. Choose the healthy snack for your children, like: yoghurt, the dry fruit, the legume, cheese, or crackers.
  4. When cooking meat, choose that is free fat. Make also the children accustomed to eating the egg, the legume, and the soybean curd. Don't make the child accustomed to eating fried food that is too oily.
  5. Restrict processed food like canned-meat and other food that experienced the process of conservation. Always choose fresh and natural food for your family.
  6. Restrict fast food and food lacked the nutrient like the chip and candies. Could be accepted that you allow them occasionally to eat the chip and candies, but it should not be continually.
  7. Don't make the child accustomed to drinking syrup or the drink bersoda. On the other hand, make the child accustomed to drinking fresh juice made by personally.
By making the pattern accustomed to eating like this since childhood, then this habit will more be buried in their life until they moved mature.

Between Good and Bad (2)

These days the information media is increasingly developing fast.A child comprehended various matter sorts through the television program, the film, the advertisement, the magazine, the video game, and the internet. Most of the information was contrary to our Christian values. Therefore, many parents who restricted TV channels, forbade the child to hear the certain musical kind, but also installed the internet filter, that all of them walked was good enough. Unless you could find the method to fortify your children from each form of the media and the influence from outside, sooner or later they must be faced with the centipede offered this world.

So how we could help our children to develop thinking with the moral filter? Along with this several further suggestions from the article beforehand:

Sharing Stories

Tell the inspiration from the story or your experience, the other person, but also stories in the holy scripture. Why did the person remember the story about Daniel and the lion mouth? Because of that is the story that is good about stood firm faced the pressure from the environment. And if you really want to be buried strong in the head of your child, began to tell all about your experiences, the moral failure, its consequences, how did you rise and be responsible but also matters that were done by you that could be imitated by them.

Connected with effects

Decisions that was made by children in the age young could make the very big difference. If someone had sex before married, he/she could face the consequences of the life. Moreover although we did not discuss the interest in their spiritual life, there were reasons and the consequences of the world that must be dealt with. We must help them to see the approach totally towards the life that eventually will influence not only their relations with the Lord or with us as their parents, but also had effects in many areas of life. Their moral life will influence how their identity developed, and that will affect the other person positively or negatively.

Care about the other

Sex, the violence, and improper words indeed to be the center of attention and our concern, but in the other hand, TV program like the cartoon film, that possibly did not contain one of the three matters above, but continued to teach the wrong view. The view of relativism that taught that, according to the evolution of humankind, the code of ethics will also change, made rumours as pornography and homosexuality became hazy and unclear. Very important to become sharp but also applied the moral filter whereas apart from that became main attention.

Be a good example for them

You could not tell lies to your children. Your integrity was the lesson was most valuable that could be given by you to them, because they saw and imitated you. You became the example for your child to behave correctly or not true in each matter, big and small. Your action spoke harder to them. Maybe you thought, "Why like that was difficult? I will only protect my child concerning bad and surrounded them with the Christian influence."

But that is not the choice that was given by the Lord to us. We could isolated ourself from the world, but we could also continue to face the world by means of Jesus faced the world.Only by that means your children not only will become the filter from the culture as well as the wrong value, but they will also become people who changed the life.

Between Good and Bad (1)

Today, the information media grows in rapidly. Kids can capture many things through television, film, advertising, magazines, video game, and internet. Many of them is not relevant with our value of religion. Because of that, parents make boundaries for their children in watching some TV Channels, listening some kind of music, and accessing internet. Unless you can find some ways to protect your children from any kind of media and its influences, as soon as possible they will be facing with the horrible messages from this world.

Believe or not, it's not a new problem. Paul in Bible said, "And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God." He recommended us the way to keep away the unholiness mind from our children, that is moral filter. It's the values buried deeply in your soul which can help you to evaluate behaviors, convictions, ideas, and receive it according of the way of God. So, How can we help our children developing their mind with moral filter? Here some suggestions:

Knowing Ourself
Many parents don't realize about their moral filter, how they control everything in their life. Assisting children to develop their moral filter is started with build-up ourself to have the same mind of moral filter. Moral education should be more than just "textbook", parents must be a model itself. Don't do what we say "Don't do!" to our children, and Do what we say "Do!".

Use Religion as the foundation
The challenge in this point is how to make children could think, with the values of religion as the foundation, about the ethical issues happened in their communities, from national issues like abortion to personal issue like cheating in examination.

Creative communication
Menconi, a father from several daughters, lighted Christian musics in the car every time he went on a trip with them."Beforehand I listened to this song lyrics and thought about several questions to be discussed with them about the core of each song. We carried it out in a relaxed manner and that pleasant!" For Edwards, the means were the Christian radio broadcast that was lit in the car each morning during him accompanied his children to the school."Sometimes we discussed about the topic that was discussed in radio, and sometimes not..." But because of the consistent interaction, now his children really controls matters around social rumours and its relations with the truth of the word of the Lords.

A mother from 2 children, Manikas Foster, like to read the book with her children."In the book of Harry Potter, the character especially dies, and they were sad during down to the part," she said. The death of the leading figure gave her the opportunity to speak to her children about the resurgence power esus with her children and really important shared about the truth to their friends. Moreover the idea or the matter that was negative in the TV agenda or the film could be changed into the good opportunity. You could entered your room and thought, "I did not believe they watched this..." But you could use at that time to give the moral directive and used it as the instructional material.

To be continued ...